High Quality Wooden Multifunctional Baby Walker Stroller with Busy board Anti-O-Shaped Leg
Did your little one just manage to pull themselves up and stand on their own? Congratulations! Soon, they will be reaching for the sofa, table, or any pieces of furniture around the house to get them to places. Instead of...
Baby Zhua Zhou One Year Old Catch Toy Lunar First Birthday Ceremony 抓周 24 piece
Zhua Zhou, a modern twist to an age-old tradition! Zhua Zhou is the 1st birthday celebration for your kid, a major milestone for both you and your little one. It is also believed to be the time when children pick...
Pretend Play Fireman Toy Set
Fireman/Firefighter Dimension: 19cm x 8cm x 22cmMaterial: WoodSuitable for Ages: 3+ Pretend to put out fires, call for backup with your walkie talkie, and even wear your badge to show off your skills. Be the first one to respond to...
Pretend Play Toy Set / Doctor / Dentist
Be the doctor on call, the dentist, the nurse, or other medical professionals. A great way to explore what it's like to be part of the medical team and heal the sick with your hands. No more sitting on the...
Role Play - Vet/ Pet Groomer
Did you say your little ones love animals? How about introducing them to the world of vet care and animal grooming with our Role Play - Vet set? This set includes a child-sized stethoscope, pet grooming tools, and an x-ray...
Handmade Montessori Busyboard
100% HandmadeSize: 43cm x 31cm x 1.7cmMaterials: Plywood, Non-toxic Paint, Water-based varnish, different types of developing elementsThis is a handmade product so the painting would not be 100% perfect. However, it is made with love and with quality pinewood. Non...
Astrofys Gift Cards
Astrofys' Gift Cards are perfect for any birthday, Christmas,  or general holiday. Send them to your friends to get that perfect present want. They're just like cash with the bonus of being something they'll treasure for a long time to come.
Educational ABC Wooden Alphabet Stacking Block
Wooden alphabet blocks are a timeless toy that kids and parents alike will love. There's really nothing like the joy of stacking them up and then knocking them down, over and over. The perfect gift for any birthday or holiday,...

I'm super impressed with the seller Astrofys. They are very responsive and responsible. They helped me find the perfect toy for my kids at a much cheaper price than what I would have paid in stores. I will be coming back to them for future purchases!

Jeanette Lee

Verified Customer

I am the mother of two young girls. After seeing how much they enjoy their new toys from Astrofys, I'm inclined to buy more for their presents in the future!. The Astrofys products are very educating and well made which makes it very safe for kids to play with. I was also pleased with how responsible the seller was; they were very responsive in keeping me updated

W. T. Ang

Verified Customer

I ordered a few toys from Astrofys and I was so pleased with the quality of them. They were so well made and I couldn't be more pleased with how quickly they arrived too. The seller was also really friendly and answered all my questions. I will be recommending this shop to all my friends!

Leona Wong

Verified Customer

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